Triple Z is based out of Tiohtià:ke aka Montreal. It is a queer owned business that enacts equitable, inclusive and mindful practices. It is comprised of Vanessa Yanow and her 2 studio assistants Vanessa Gordon McKnight and Florencia Sosa-Rey. The work environment is supportive and fun. The talented humans who work for Triple Z get paid fairly. Hiring practices are inclusive. Triple Z believes in a democratic economic model. They believe that people from all socio-economic brackets should be able to buy beautiful, unique handmade objects. Triple Z believes in slow fashion and in the importance of supporting one's local economy. Triple Z's products are 80% ethical and environmentally responsible. They continue to strive for the 100% mark!


Founded in 2004, and re-branded in 2020 under the new name Triple Z, Vanessa Yanow is the designer/owner of Triple Z. in addition to the business Vanessa has a dedicated visual art practice, is the coordinator and co-founder of The Long Haul - a community art space and is also a goofy parent to a little human who has a big heart. She uses her studio as both a laboratory for research through experimentation and as a playground for creation. She pushes the boundaries of traditional techniques and reclaims the importance of playfulness as an inherent part of her design processes. By taking such a familiar object like the zipper and turning it into a piece of interactive jewelry, she simultaneously highlights how genius a design the zipper is and reminds us of the beauty that can be found in everyday objects.