How do I care for my Zipper Bracelet and Necklace?

Ideally you should store your Zipper bracelet in a dark dry environment completely zipped up and coiled in the same way you would wrap it around your wrist or zipped up and laying down in a straight line, or 90% zipped up the opened part hanging off a hook. Never bathe or swim while wearing any Triple Z products! If you are doing dishes, remove the bracelet and wear it as a necklace until you are done. 

How do I care for my Glass Capsule Charm?

The blown glass charm is made of borosilicate (aka pyrex) glass. It is the most resistant artisanal glass on the market. Traditionally found in the form of beakers and test tubes, used by chemist's in their laboratories Its later applications were for kitchen-ware items and now it is widely used by glass artists across the globe. Triple Z's capsules are hollow vessels. Each one has a deliberate pin size or larger opening at the top. It is therefore important to never submerge the capsule in water.  If it gets smudged simple clean it with generic eye-glass cleaner and a piece of fabric or paper towel.