Triple Z only uses the finest zippers in the world. They are manufactured in Switzerland by a company who pride themselves in having the highest ethical standards for their employee’s and who also put their environmental standards to the fore of their practices. With an endless catalogue of metals to chose from, styles of zipper teeth, variations on the zipper pull and a full spectrum of polyester tape colours, we carefully select, design, and custom order the zippers for each collection. Upon arrival in Montreal, Vanessa and her 2 assistants Florencia Sosa-Rey and Vanessa Gordon McKnight hand-transform them into beautiful pieces of unique jewelry.

Vanessa flameworks her signature capsule charms out of borosilicate glass tubes (that are made in the U.S.A). 90% of the feathers encapsulated in the glass are cruelty-free. This means that they are procured from bird owners who love their birds - they do not clip their wings and they give them aviaries to fly in. The feathers are not plucked, they are gathered from the ground after the birds moult. They are then cleaned and put up for sale.

The clasps for the jewelry and the miniature objects inside the glass capsules are manufactured in China in factories that Vanessa has yet to track down and research. Triple Z plan to be 100% ethical by 2022.